The Team

Aaron Phillips

Aaron Phillips is a successful radio personality and public speaker based in Las Vegas, Nevada. His career accidentally began when he was thrown into the ring of color-commentating for the sport of boxing. He has since hosted and co-hosted many sports radio shows, as well as radio shows on various other topics. One favorite was an internet radio show named “Vegas Unwrapped”, broadcast by Aaron Phillip’s own, Las Vegas AllNet Radio (VANR). The show ran 7 years and entertained thousands of listening locals with “off the strip” community coverage. 
The outstanding thread that’s woven through all of Aaron Phillip’s experiences and opportunities life has given him is his perseverance and courage to be self-made. He actually claims a degree in math from Penn State University, 1986, but everything he does today he owes to his own diligence, independent study, and ability to transmute his and others’ mistakes into “teachable moments”. He didn’t give up on his own dream to become a great radio personality and it’s with this heart, he publicly speaks to others still holding onto their equally precious dreams. To learn more, visit his website at

Neal Portnoy

His illustration work employs a realism that seems impossible to capture using only felt-tip markers-and yet his works are breathtakingly grounded and real. John Gearan of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette wrote, “Nobody seems to be able to do what he does with those things.” As a portrait artist, Neal’s sports subjects have included, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, LeBron James, Pedro Martinez, Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter and numerous others. His entertainment art features celebrities including Steven Tyler, Bruce Springsteen, Jerry Garcia, Chris Daughtry, Kanye West and -a sweeping array of other entertainers, celebrities, public figures and much much more. As a caricature artist, Neal’s works of individuals at corporate events, trade shows, golf outings, weddings, anniversaries, and more are just the final result of an amazing process that leaves the subject not only with a tangible caricature, but with a humorous memory of being engaged by an enjoyable entertainer. Visit